Madonna The Sims 4

Madame X in The Sims 4

How could I not make Madame X, the Medellin version, in The Sims 4, right? I created this Sim for my Rosebud challenge in The Sims 4, that I will play on stream several times a week. And I am pretty happy with the way she turned out! It’s hard to make a Sim as precisely as possible. But I think I did good!

If you’re interested in downloading Madame X you can find it in The Sims 4 gallery, my EA ID is: itsleander.

This Sim does use custom content! You can download the eye patch here. And you can download the whip prop here. The shirt is custom content too, but to be honest I have no idea where I downloaded it. I will update this post if I find it.

Let me know what you think of this Sim. Also be sure to follow me on Twitch and see Madame X in action.

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