It: Chapter Two Teaser Trailer

It’s back! Finally the trailer, teaser trailer that is, dropped today for It: Chapter Two! I have been waiting for it to drop for the last few months and it’s finally here! The teaser shows a lengthy teaser scene of adult Beverly Marsh, played by Jessica Chastain, visiting her old apartment she lived in together with her abusive father 27 years ago. She’s greeted by Mrs. Kersh who currently lives in the apartment and she invites Beverly in to go through memory lane and some tea. The scene is creepy as well, and… well, have a look at the teaser trailer yourself!

I have read the book four times and I may have to give it a read again before the movie comes out. It’s one of my favorite books from Stephen King. September 6th can’t get here any faster! I will go see the movie on opening day, for sure!

How excited are you about It: Chapter Two? What did you think of the trailer?

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