Best birthday ever!

Yesterday, it was my 39th birthday and instead of sulking and feeling down I decided to just stream on Twitch and hang out with my tribe, so to speak. I had a great time!! Not only a lot of the sweet people in my little community showed up, I have also been spoiled rotten with lots of cheers and bits!

Halfway the stream I got a huge surprise, something that shook me to the core! First I received this amazing artwork, created by the sweet Sena. It’s me as Madonna! Three iconic looks and poses! The artwork included the sweetest message from my buddy Miles:

“LeLe, even tho we’re Miles Away, we Cherish and are Crazy For You. You are our Ray Of Light, a Lucky Star. Take a Bow.”

I mean, come on now!! That has to be the sweetest thing I have ever gotten in my life! It made me cry!

On top of that amazing artwork, I was surprised with an Amazon Gift Card of €300! What the fuck! My sweet friend Kim, who I met through Twitch early last year, was sneaking around behind my back and asked people to pitch in for this surprise! I was literally speechless!

A big thank you to Kim, Steve, Sena, Miles, Mandy, Lizzy, Joey and Tay for this amazing and generous gift! I love and appreciate you all! And ofcourse a big thank you to everyone for all the bits and cheers yesterday! I am super grateful and you are all amazing!

All in all, it was the best birthday I’ve ever had! Thank you!

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