90210 is back!

You guys! The wait is over! The original gang of Beverly Hills 90210 is back! For the past few months I have been waiting with lots of anticipation for the return of BH90210 and now the time has come. I watched the first episode of the reboot and it is not what I expected it to be! All this time I was thinking the show would be like a normal show. I have been asking myself questions and wondering how it will be like. I even tried to figure out how the 2008 spin-ff would tie in, since Jennie Garth, Tori Spelling and Shannen Doherty made guest appearances on that show. I was thinking if any of the spin-off cast will be in it as well, like Silver for example. But no! All the questions I had does not matter anymore.

The show is kind of like a mockumentary where the cast all play themselves. I mean, what? I was super surprised! Apparently I missed that little tidbit. So, each of the cast members portray a heightened (and fictional) version of themselves and they all get together after thirty years for a BH 90210 Reunion in Las Vegas. What? I know, right? Not what I expected at all.

So I watched the first episode and it was so much fun! It’s different, entertaining and quite funny! I got that whole nostalgic feeling, because when the original show aired back in the 90’s, I was a young little pre-teen kid. And a lot of memories came up, having a shit load of 90210 posters on my wall. I even had a Brenda and Brandon doll! Don’t judge me!

There was one thing missing from the group and that was Luke Perry. They did address him and had a little tribute showing scenes from the original show, which was quite moving.

What do you all think of this interesting reboot? I enjoyed the first episode and I cannot wait for the next one. Now, I understand that there will only be six episodes? I really hope there will be more. I mean, I would love to see more. We’ll see, I guess!

Happy to see the gang back together!

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