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I’m back on YouTube

Well, what do you know!? After a year long hiatus from YouTube I am finally back! That’s right? The past year I have been focusing a lot on Twitch, streaming almost daily and I kinda lost interest in YouTube. I wasn’t feeling it anymore. I wasn’t enjoying it anymore. I have had too much of a great time streaming instead. But now it’s time to have my YouTube comeback. It’s time to revive my channel!

I will continue upload The Sims 4 speed build videos, but not as often as I used to. I think one video a week, if not every two weeks, that should be good. No schedule or whatever. Hell, maybe I feel great and upload more videos. Who knows. But for now that’s the current plan.

Will this affect my stream schedule on Twitch? Not at all! I will still stream with my regular schedule on Twitch. And do YouTube on the side.

I’m excited. And very happy to be back. So, be sure to follow my channel on YouTube! Click here!

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