25 years of Friends

Exactly 25 years ago the first episode of Friends aired in The United States and shortly after that the show started airing here in The Netherlands and I have been watching it all from the beginning at age 14! I became a huge fan of the show and back in the day I used to record every episodes on VHS tapes! Next to Madonna and Beverly Hills 90210, I had some Friends posters hanging on my bedroom wall. I watched episodes religiously, back to back, and I even knew all of the dialog by heart! I even have the computer trivia game on CD-ROM and the two soundtracks that were released! I used to have a crush on Matt LeBlanc as well.

For ten years in a row the show has given me so much laughter! And til this day, I am still loving the show and I occasionally watch an episode on Netflix and it never gets boring! I have the Blu-Ray Box Set as well that has all 10 seasons of the show, which I am happy to own.

I can’t believe it’s been 25 years! Time really flies by. What is your favorite episode? I can’t choose! I love many!

Happy Friends-aversary!

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