Obsessed with The Walking Dead

Oh my goodness, you guys! The past three weeks I have been obsessed with The Walking Dead! I only watched like two or three episodes when it first came out but I never continued watching, until three weeks ago. My good friend Kim encouraged me to give it a try and at first I was quite hesitant, because I don’t really like zombies! So I gave the first season a try, since it only has six episodes. Then I started with the second season! And from that moment, I just couldn’t stop anymore.

I watched all episodes of nine seasons in less than three weeks!! Many nights until sunrise I was binge watching the show. It is safe to say that right now I am obsessed with the show! What is happening? It’s the kind of show where you get really invested in the characters and the story. I just love it! So many moments where tears were rolling down my cheeks. And so many shocking twists and turns. Moments where you are on the edge of your seat! It’s just so good!

Thanks, Kim, for making me watch the show and becoming a fan! So, now that I am all up to speed, I will continue to watch the next season weekly.

Are there any TWD Fans out there? Any other late bloomers who started watching the show recently? Let me know in the comments below. And who are your favorite characters? My favorite character is Daryl (played by Norman Reedus). Ugh, he’s such a bad-ass babe! And I love Michonne and Carol a lot too! Anyway, it’s now one of my favorite shows!

There is also a spin-off call Fear The Walking Dead, which I have yet to watch! That will be next on my to-do list!

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