Fear The Walking Dead

What do you do after you binged watched all seasons in three weeks of The Walking Dead, and being up-to-speed? You start watching the spin-off called Fear The Walking Dead! That’s what I did. I binged all five seasons in less than two weeks! The show is great! It’s kinda different, obviously with a different cast. But it takes place in the same universe as The Walking Dead, but in a different location. The show is kind of a prequel, taking place in Los Angeles before the outbreak started. When I watched the main show, I was wondering if we would ever see a backstory of how the outbreak started, but we never did, so it was kind of cool to see what happened when it all started. Although, we didn’t get to see a ‘how’.

I believe the spin-off doesn’t have any source material, like the original which has the graphic novels. We do get to see a cross-over episode in Season 4, which included Carol, Jesus and Rick. But it was a short moment, just to introduce the character of Morgan into the spin-off. Later on we see another familiar face from the original, Dwight.

I love the spin-off and I enjoy it a lot. Just like the original you get to invest your heart and soul in some of the characters. My favorite characters so far has to be June and Alicia. Season five ended earlier this year. I believe we will get a season six starting in the new year.

Have you watched the spin-off of The Walking Dead? What do you think of it?

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