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The Sims 4

Warm Delight

Finally another speed build video! Sorry for the long absence, everyone. Here’s a two bedroom and two bathroom family home that I built in The Sims 4. And I am pretty happy with how it turned out. Download it from The Sims 4 Gallery here!


Reinvented stream

After two years of using the same branding and overlay design on Twitch I finally took the time to reinvent the whole channel! It’s about time, isn’t it? I love the new fresher look and vibe. I even have brand new animated alerts and and transition scenes as well. Having a new design makes me feel motivated more to continue streaming and hanging out with the amazing people in my little community.

What do you think of the new style and vibe?

The Sims 4

The New Vicarage

Here’s a new speed build! This is a traditional family home I built in The Sims 4, with a modern extension. This house has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a spacious kitchen with dining and a living room. Download this house from The Sims 4 Gallery, my EA ID is ‘itsleander’. Or click here to download it directly!

Check out the speed build video for this build!

The Sims 4

Shell Challenge #5 submissions

Thanks for taking part of the fifth The Sims 4 shell challenge of mine! I had a lot of fun touring all the submitted houses on Twitch. You are all amazing!

Check out all the awesome people whose houses on The Sims 4 Gallery. Here are screenshots of all the houses I toured, along with everyone’s EA ID.


Got an ipad mini

I have been spoiling myself again. I bought myself an iPad Mini 5! It’s not a brand new one, it’s a refurbished one, but it is as good as new! And it is cheaper than buying a brand new one. I am very, very happy with it!

I used to own an iPad 3 from 2012, but I gave that away a few years ago. Plus the OS wasn’t upgradable anymore at some point and a lot of apps that I use for banking and stuff couldn’t be updated either. So, after a few years of not having an iPad I finally decided to spoil myself (again) and get the iPad Mini 5. And I love it! The size is just perfect for me and it’s also compatible with the first generation Apple Pencil, which I hope to get in the near future. Or maybe a 3rd party pencil, I don’t know yet. I have to look into it and see what’s out there that is good. I purchased some e-books in the past that I cannot wait to dive in again and read on the iPad Mini. It’s really a match made in heaven for me.

And I don’t care that it’s refurbished. Refurbished products are not a bad thing. There is not a scratch on it and the place where I bought it from mentioned it is as good as new. Refurbished also means that they fully check the device before re-selling it. And it’s all good! So, I am very happy! Yes, Leander is pleased!

The Sims 4

Leander’s Shell Challenge #5

It’s time for shell challenge #5, everyone! The first one of 2021!

Download the shell from The Sims 4 Gallery! My EA ID is ‘itsleander’, or you can search for it using #itsleandershell5, or you can download it by clicking here.

I have added some more details regarding the rules, so it hopefully will be more clear for you.

The rules are the following:

1) This must be a Residential House!
2) Do not delete or move any walls on the exterior. Keep the shell as it is.
3) Adding (half) walls, fences, foundations, basements and roofs are allowed. You are free to adjust the wall height to short, medium or tall. Basement is allowed too.
4) The shell fits best on a 40×30 lot, but you are free to use a bigger lot if you wish on any of the worlds.
5) Feel free to rotate the shell in which ever way you like.
6) No custom content
7) Use any pack that you own.
8) DEBUG objects are allowed.
9) Make the landscaping around the house nice, pretty and presentable.
10) Have fun!

Upload your finished house to the gallery using the hashtag:

I will tour your creations live on stream on Monday, March 1, 2021 @ 8PM CET on

Screenshots of all entries will be showcased and posted here on my website along with your Gallery ID!

If you have any other questions regarding this challenge feel free to drop a comment below or tweet me!

The Sims 4

Modern Ojai

I am back with another speed build video! Here’s a two bedroom and two bathroom family home I built in The Sims 4. There’s a garage present as well and a spacious back yard with a swimming pool. Download this house from The Sims 4 Gallery here. Or search for it using my EA ID, which is: itsleander.

Check out the speed build video!

Here are some screenshots of the house!