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Shell Challenge #4 Submissions

Thanks for participating and entering my fourth shell challenge, which is a Christmas challenge! I had so much fun touring them on stream today! All the houses looked amazing and festive! I will do another shell challenge again real soon!

Here are screenshots of the house that were submitted for shell challenge #4, as well as the gallery ID’s of each creator. Just hover over a screenshot and you will see their gallery ID. Be sure to check them out on The Sims 4 Gallery!

The Sims 4

White Haven

Here’s a three bedroom and three bathroom modern family house I built in The Sims 4! I built this house on a 40×30 lot and it’s got a big fence/gate in the front for security and privacy! This house can easily be for a celebrity Sim + family. Download this house from The Sims 4 Gallery, my EA ID is ‘itsleander’. Or click here to download it straight into your game.

Check out the building process of this house in the speed build video!

The Sims 4

Little Woody

I have been feeling rather uninspired to build lately, so here’s a basic little family home I built in The Sims 4 in just over an hour! This is a two bedroom and two bathroom family home. There’s an outdoor shed and a little garden as well. Download this house from The Sims 4 Gallery here. Or look for it in the gallery under my EA ID: itsleander.

Check out the speed build video below!

The Sims 4

Leander’s Shell Challenge #4 – Christmas Edition

It’s time for shell challenge #4, everyone! Christmas Edition!

Download the shell from The Sims 4 Gallery! My EA ID is ‘itsleander’, or you can search for it using #itsleandershell4, or you can download it by clicking here.

I have added some more details regarding the rules, so it hopefully will be more clear for you.

The rules are the following:

1) This must be a CHRISTMAS Residential House!
2) Do not delete or move any walls on the exterior. Keep the shell as it is.
3) Adding walls, fences, foundations, basements and roofs are allowed. You are free to adjust the wall height to short, medium or tall. Basement is allowed too.
4) The shell fits best on a 30×30 lot, but you are free to use a bigger lot if you wish on any of the worlds.
5) Feel free to rotate the shell in which ever way you like.
6) No custom content
7) Use any pack that you own.
8) DEBUG objects are allowed.
9) Make the landscaping around the house nice, pretty, presentable and CHRISTMAS like.
10) Have fun!

Upload your finished house to the gallery using the hashtag:

I will tour your creations live on stream on Tuesday, December 22, 2020 @ 8PM CET on

Screenshots of all entries will be showcased and posted here on my website along with your Gallery ID!

If you have any other questions regarding this challenge feel free to drop a comment below or tweet me!


The Sims 4

Toshikoshi Dining

Here’s another community lot I built in The Sims 4. This is a Japanese restaurant where your Sims can go to for some fine dining! I have set a special menu for this build as well. Download this lot from The Sims 4 Gallery, my EA ID is ‘itsleander’. Or click here to go directly to this build in gallery!

Check out the speed build video!

The Sims 4

Amstel Bar

Here’s another commercial lot I built in The Sims 4. This is a Dutch inspired bar/cafe. Since we have more half walls in the game it is possible to make a traditional Dutch townhouse facade. I built this bar on a 20×15 lot and it fits perfect in the world of Britechester. Download this build from The Sims 4 Gallery here. Or look it up under my EA ID, which is ‘itsleander’.

Check out the speed build video for this build. The ending of the video is kinda messed up, oh well!

The Sims 4

White Delight

With the new platforms tool in The Sims 4 I have been trying out and experimenting a lot with this tool, especially when it comes to modern builds. This is a one bedroom modern home I built and using the platform tool makes it even more awesome to create modern houses. I am pretty pleased with the final results. A clean and minimal modern home. Download this house from The Sims 4 Gallery here.

Check out the speed build video for this house below.