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One year anniversary of being cigarettes free

What’s up, everyone!

Damn, it’s been a while since I have posted a blog on my website. Sorry about that. Anyway, today it’s March 8th and it’s a special day for me. It’s the day that I quit the stinky sticks, also known as cigarettes! Last year, on March 8th 2015, I finally quit smoking! Yes! Yay for me! I have been smoking for many, many years, since I was a teenager, which is over 20 years ago. I have tried many times to quit smoking and the longest I have managed to stay off the cigarettes was only one week. I am super happy and damn proud of myself for being able to hold off the smokes for this long. And ofcourse, I will continue to do so.

The thing that helped me quit the cigarettes is vaping! Yes, I do still get my nicotine fix (not more than 6mg in the e-liquid I use, I sometimes use 3mg or even 0mg), but vaping is like a thousand times better than smoking. It’s a much healthier alternative, let’s put it that way. Because there is no smoke. There are no chemicals and tar I inhale that makes my lungs all black and stuff. It’s just vapor!

It all started with trying these disposable e-cigarettes from Zensations, which I tried for several weeks. They were alright, but after a while I was looking for something more that would fit my needs. I came across different vaping channels on YouTube, learned about mods and atomisers, etc. And I finally gave it a go and got my very first all in one mod, the Joyetech eGrip. That little device has a built in tank and battery, and it was my little vaping buddy for several months. Until it gave up on me, unfortunately. I got a replacement, but it took me like a week to be without a mod, so I got the iStick 20W by eLeaf, which I bought in a store. It was on sale, so that was good. The Joyetech eGrip I had was then just a back-up for me and the iStick was my main mod I used to vape on.

After months went by, I came across a review of one of the newest mods by eLeaf and that was the iStick 60W with temperature control. Great device! The iStick 60W TC is now my main mod for whenever I am on the go. I use the Herakles Hydra tank with top fill and I just love it. It’s the perfect mod for me.

Just a few weeks ago, I started to show interest in RDA and building your own set up. While it’s still something new to me, I decided to get myself my own RDA, the Troll RDA and try and build my own coils. Okay, to be honest, I don’t make my own coils, but there’s this vape shop where you can order pre-built coils. I do wick them myself with cotton. Hey, don’t judge. It’s a slow process for me. But I am learning about it, as well as all the ohm stuff and wattage and resistance and all that jazz.

So, I was thinking, I need a separate mod for my RDA, one that I can use when I am home, and just randomly drip after a couple of puffs with any e-liquid I want.That’s when I decided to get the Reuleaux RX200. What a beast that mod is. It goes up to 200W and it has temperature control as well and it’s just a great stealthy mod. I am very, very happy with it!

So, as you can tell, the past year has been very interesting for me, learning about mods and stuff. I love it! I think am far from done with learning and understanding about it all, but I’m sure I will get there eventually. The important thing is that I am off the cigarettes for a whole year! Hallelujah!

If you’re a smoker then I would really want you to encourage you to try out vaping. Without it, I wouldn’t have been able to quit. Quitting is different for everyone. I had a hard time quitting. But thanks to vaping, I managed to do so!

Happy one year anniversary of no more smoking to me!


A little bit stoned

Yesterday I went to Amsterdam and met up with Jenny! The weather was really nice. Very warm and sunny. We were just chilling most of the time. I drank a couple of pints and later on we smoked pot along with another friend of Jenny! It has been a while since I have smoked pot. So it went straight to my head. I became a little giggly, which I always am when I am stoned. I laugh about the stupid things, really. It was so funny. We were at this coffee shop, and ofcourse they only sell weed. Me and Jen were kinda hungry. Jen was looking on the menu board and there she saw ‘Blunt Wrap’ and so she got all excited: “Oh they have wraps, they have wraps! Can I have one with cheese?”. It was so fucking hilarious! The girls behind the counter had to laugh their asses off! Real funny…

After that we went chilling again in the sun on the Dam Square, we were waiting for Jenny’s other friend, Naoko. She is so funny! Silly but funny Japanese girl! I had to check with her about my tattoo. So I showed it to her and asked if she could read it. She was like: “Oh, Madonna!”. So my tattoo is real. I actually never doubt it wasn’t.

Later on we all had dinner at an Irish pub! The food was yummy! When it was more in the evening it bacame a bit more chilly. In the restaurant, Jenny suddenly didn’t feel very well. I think the joint was still kicking it for her. I didn’t go home that late.

I have to work today. I start at 2:30pm. Not really in the mood. I prefer to go back sleeping as I am fucking tired as hell. This whole week I start late. On the other hand it’s good, I like it! So I’m gonna get ready for work. I hope everyone had a great weekend. Peace out!


A fucked up world

It’s nearly 1am, I just got home from Amsterdam. I met up with Jenny in the city after I was finished with work! Oh my fucking God, this was the first time I saw her after eight freaking months! It was so good seeing her again as I missed her gnarly ass for such a long long time. Jenny told me all about her trip to Africa and forgive me for saying, after hearing her stories, we do live in a fucked up world, I am telling you. For a moment I felt so blue with hearing the stuff she had to say. Kind of a disappointment. I really have to give you a piece of my mind…

Jenny went to Africa for volunteer work with little children. She stayed in Africa for 8 months. Man when she talked about all the things she has experienced it really made my eyes water! And it also made me realize how fucked up this world really is. Anyway, Jenny’s goal was to help and provide a little something for the little orphans in Tanzania. This really made me fucking pissed as she explained that her help and dedication didn’t mean shit to the people there. She fucking paid her own flight to Africa, for fuck sake! It’s not like she did that to live on their expenses, for crying out loud! The children she tried to help out were about 5 to 10 years old, about that age, dozens of little African children. Knowing Jenny she has such a big heart of gold, trying to make a difference, trying to change things, but honestly after hearing her stories and all it is just something that is impossible. Even when you try it so fucking hard! There are people who say it all starts with yourself, but that is just fucking bullshit. Gosh, I almost had tears rolling down my cheeks, but I manages to hold it in. I listened to her stories for hours and it was just interesting to hear that a charity organization like that can have a backdoor where you enter a world where it is not really about charity at all. It’s all about selfish deeds anyway. I also discussed with her that in this world we live in there is no self-less good deeds. In Jenny’s case she wants to feel good helping other people and that is a positive thing. But after all in Africa, all that she has done was not appreciated at all. Not one bit! Gosh, when I heard that I could just scream! Somehow it switched and bite her in the ass. Why? There were other volunteer workers there from other places who come to a charity organization thinking they can make a difference, while they actually don’t do shit. They think with just being there it makes them a hero or something. Jenny was the one who tried her best to give something for the children. And she is the damn hero!

Sorry for telling this all, but it just makes me pissed off! Now Jenny is back to Holland and I have told her and made her clear that she should be damn proud of herself! I mean I fucking envy her! Like there is anyone I know who would do something that she did. Trying to help! Caring and loving. Sacrificing certain needs to help! I told her that it has been a learning experience for her and that she at least tried to do something. And that with what she learned she has to keep that in her heart and mind. I’m sure that besides the people of the charity organization, those little orphans sure respected her and loved her as much as she showed love to them. Really, I don’t see anyone I know do what Jenny did. Jenny is a saint. Jenny if you are reading this you have to remember that. No one can take away your experiences. We all live in one world and it all should be equal. You are right about your thoughts on it! How much you are trying to make a difference, it will never change! There should be more people like yourself.

I can go on for hours but I won’t. I made my point. I am going to sleep now as I have to get my ass up again in 5 hours. I will see Jenny again on Sunday when it is GAY PRIDE in Amsterdam! Should be fun! Hope everyone is doing well! Peace out!