Leander’s stream is not a family friendly stream. This is a mature stream, sometimes with (if not often) mature talk, such as sexual topics, etc. Be warned if you’re below 18 years old! Mature and open-minded people only! Read the Twitch TOS (pay extra attention to section 2) here.


This is a LGBTQ+ friendly stream! I am all for treating others with kindness and respect, So NO homophobia, NO transphobia, NO racism, NO sexist remarks, etc. Any form of hate towards someone or a group of people will be permanently banned from the channel, either by me or one of my mods. So be good and be kind! And respect others in chat.


English only in the chat!


Let me play the game my way! If I need help/suggestions, I will ask the chat.


Try to keep typing in CAPS moderate. I don’t mind CAPS occasionally, but not constantly. Too much is like you’re screaming and I just can’t! No one loves to be screamed at!


No self promo, or asking me for one, of your YouTube/Twitch in the chat or you will be timed out, or even banned! You can promote yourself on the designated promo channel on my Discord.

Please DO NOT ask to be a moderator. I only mod friends and people I trust and who have my back.

Let’s make the stream fun and enjoyable for everyone!