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An angelic Monday

Hey, everyone! How are you all doing on this lovely Monday? I hope you all had a festive Easter Sunday?

Today I have been cleaning and scrubbing my apartment. Well, I’m not really done yet. The only thing I have to do is dusting my furniture and vacuum my living room. But I have been scrubbing my stove and kitchen counter. It was needed, badly!

I also folded a shit load of clean laundry. Yes, my least favorite thing to do. But I’m glad I’m over it now.

Oh, look what my mom gave me! It’s like a little framed angel! It kinda has a spray paint style. The angel pops right out of the frame. Pretty cute, right? I love it. I have it hanging in my bedroom above one of my night stands.

Also, after I was done folding my laundry and cleaning up my bedroom I found a bag hidden in the back of my closet. Guess what I found in the bag? It’s a freaking Walkman! You know, like a portable cassette player. How old school is that? I’m definitely going to keep that. Wouldn’t it be funny to show that to your kids? Kids these days grow up with iPods and stuff. When they see this cassette player they’ll be like: what the fuck?

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a great day. I’m about to continue with dusting and vacuuming. What a joy! Ta-ta for now, bitches!