Here are all of my current chat commands that are active when I am live streaming on Twitch, to make your viewing experience more fun. All are divided in categories.

Please note there are cooldowns on SFX commands of one or two minutes. Reason is because those sound files are being played directly from my computer. Cooldowns are there to avoid too much pressure on my CPU. If a SFX command isn’t working then try again after a few minutes.

The following commands are for everyone to use! Give them a try!

!ccLeander uses CC from the following creators:
!commandsFor a full list of current chat commands, including SFX commands click here: (link)
!createdThe account for (user) was created on…
!discordChat and hangout on my Discord! (link)
!dlistD-List – A (derogatory) term or status for a person/group considered to be below others, undesirable, irrelevant or not interesting enough to pay attention to. A person who is only known or liked by a small group of people.
!followage(User) has been following the channel for…
!followersTheLeanderShow currently has (…) followers.
!galleryFollow Leander on The Sims 4 Gallery! His EA ID is ‘itsleander’.
!letsplayWanna see me actually play The Sims 4? Check out my playlist on YouTube of The Fabulous Life of Leander! (link)
!lurkI’m gonna be on lurk mode for a while @TheLeanderShow
!merchCheck out my merch! There are shirts, mugs, pillows and more!!!!!! (link)
!savePsst! Save the game right now @TheLeanderShow
!timeThe time is currently (time) for TheLeanderShow.
!twistedmexiDownload TwistedMexi’s amazing mods like TOOL, Expandable BuildBuy, BuildCam and more: (link)
!unlurkI am back from lurking @TheLeanderShow
!uptimeItsLeanderTV has been live for (time)
!voicemodRedeem channel points for VoiceMod! Choose from the following: Deep, Voicetune, Echo, Baby, Water, Magic, Vibrato, Ruby, 8-Bit and Cybertune!
!ytCheck out my latest video on my YouTube Channel! (link)

Various sound effects by my idol and the one and only Queen of Pop, Madonna! Sound effects are for subscribers only, and do have a cool down of one to two minutes to avoid spamming!

!air“I have a problem with the fact there is no air in here and I am going to die. Open the door now. I’m suffocating!”
!bigdick“Oh, your dick is big.”
!biggerdick“Get out of my bed. And don’t come back until your dick is bigger.”
!coffee“Coffee! I want my coffee!”
!fameInterviewer: “What’s the worst thing of being famous?” – Madonna: “That you have to answer stupid questions.”
!get“See? I get what I want.”
!getout“Get on the roof and hold on tight. Out! OUT!”
!laugh[Madonna laughing]
!noise“Somebody is making so much fucking noise.”
!noregrets“Absolutely no regrets.”
!outrageous“That’s outrageous that you would say such a thing.”
!pizza“I love a good pizza and I love a good glass of wine.”
!reductive“It feels… reductive”
!shocker“Ha, what a shocker.”
!sweating“You’re sweating and you smell!”

Various sound effects by various people! Again, sound effects are for subscribers only and do have a cool down of one to two minutes to avoid spamming!

!anal“I wanna have anal tonight.”
!backdoor“Back door Deirdre.”
!bags“May the bags under your eyes grow so large your head falls in ’em!”
!believe“I don’t believe you.”
!bianca“That was very condescending… Ngyuhuha”
!bitch“You’re a bitch!”
!bitches“I bow to the queen of all bitches…”
!bitter“Well, at least I’m not bitter…”
!blow“How do you expect me to grow if you won’t let me blow?”
!blubber“Look in the mirror, blubber butt.”
!body“Over my drop dead gorgeous body.”
!bok“Bok bok, bitch!”
!bottom“I’m a power bottom like that.”
!bovvered“Am I bovvered?”
!burn“Burn!” “God, that is so embarrassing, you must feel ridiculous.”
!business“I don’t see how that’s any of your business!”
!calm“Calm down! Calm down!”
!caress“Now tell me you wanna caress my butt!”
!chill“Daddy, chill!”
!cock“Are we really commuting for cock?”
!comment“I do not want to comment.”
!coochie“Coochie Monster?”
!crazy“Oh god, I am crazy nuts about this guy!”
!creative“Everybody’s so creative.”
!cunt“I’m a cunt.”
!cunty“This show’s extremely cunty.”
!curse“My beauty has always been a curse.”
!curvy“I’m curvy and I like it!”
!danger“You in danger, girl.”
!dare“How dare you?”
!dead“RIP” [Mario dead sound]
!delicious“Isn’t that simply delicious?”
!dirtbag“You’re a dirtbag!”
!dirty“There is no need for that dirty language, you dirty mouth.”
!drive“Oh, I don’t know how to drive. I keep taking the test over and over again, but I’m all, this is hard.”
!driver“I think I’m a bad driver.”
!dumped“The many men who have dumped you over the years.’
!emo“This bitch is emotional.”
!face“Tell her to her face!”
!famous“Cause I’m freakin’ famous…”
!feel“But he wants me, I can feel it…”
!feeling“You’ll love the feeling, there’s nothing like it.”
!fired“You’re fired!”
!flazeda“Like FLAZEDA sort of…”
!fossil“Wake up and smell the coffee, you fossil.”
!freak“You are a complete freak!”
!gayI think I’m gay.”
!go“Go, little boy, go!”
!goodluck“Good luck, good luck, we all wish you good luuuuuuuck…”
!gutter“Get it out of the gutter…”
!hand“Get your hand up there!”
!hate“Uhuh, I hate that.”
!heard“That is the stupidest fucking thing I’ve ever heard.”
!heck“What the heck!”
!herses“She done already done had herses…”
!higay“Hi, gay!”
!holy“Holy fuck!”
!hyper“Hyper-sexual bitch.”
!idk“I dunnoooo”!
!iknow“I know!”
!indiscreet“Oh my… have I been indiscreet?”
!indo“Indonesian lady boy.”
!iraq“On my back in Iraq.”
!jiggly“May I call you Jiggly?”
!jk“I’m just kidding…”
!judge“I’ll be the judge of that!”
!judy“Well, smack my ass and call me Judy!”
!kidding“Are you kidding me?”
!knees“On my knees in Belize.”
!ladyboy“You lady boy? You lady boy?”
!lava“It’s coming out of me like lava!”
!lock“Lock the doors tight!”
!look“Look over there!”
!lonely“I make loneliness work for me.”
!lovesit“Do you love it?” “Love what?” “It… every second of it” “Every second of it?” “Loves it”.
!mattress“Beat it, you fifty year old mattress!”
!mf“Mother fucker.”
!miracle“Don’t expect a miracle.”
!miranda“Hey, guys, it’s me Miranda…”
!moron“A slut and a moron!”
!nasty“Oh my god, you’re nasty! Oh my god!”
!notime“Ain’t nobody got time for that!”
!oats“I’m feeling my oats, let me feel my oats…”
!ohno“Oh no, oh no… Oh no, no, no, no, no…”
!omg“Oh my God, Leander.”
!pardon“I beg your pardon?”
!pee“Why doesn’t somebody just pee directly on me!?”
!pervert“You’re a wrinkled old pervert, right?”
!phone“Do you mind telling your phone to fuck off?”
!plug“Pull the plug!”
!pull“Pull up, hoe!”
!rude“How rude!”
!rules“I don’t know the rules at all.” [Retrieves chat rules]
!sagged“You’re old, you’re sagged, get over it.”
!santa“There’s something about a man in a Santa Claus suit that just drives me absolutely crazy!”
!satan“Running away from Satan.”
!saying“I have no idea what you’re saying right now.”
!seatbelt“Fasten your seatbelt, slut puppy.”
!shy“Maybe you should be shy too…”
!shut“You shut your fucking mouth, bitch!”
!sign“Just wear a sign that says ‘too ugly to live'”
!slap“I’m gonna BETCH slap the dumb outta you.”
!slut“I’m the biggest slut.”
!sogood“That looks so good!”
!spicy“Why’s it spicy?”
!spunky “Spunky spunk!”
!stahp“Ah, staaaaahp!”
!stop“Stop it!”
!story“It’s a long story, bitch!”
!superficial“That is so superficial.”
!talking“I’m not talking to you, bitch!”
!tight“I love a tight man…”
!tingle“I got the downstairs tingle.”
!tit“You silly tit.”
!tony“Take a lick, Tony boy!”
!top“I wanna borrow that top!”
!touch“Don’t touch me, DANG!”
!tough“What can I say, tough titties.”
!trash“Eat dirt and die, trash!”
!trollop“I am a cheap trollop.”
!try“Don’t try it, bitch.”
!twirl“Daddy, daddy, watch me twirl!”
!upset“You upset me… again!”
!vindictive“You vindictive little sea monkey.”
!vodka“Vodka is just a morning beverage!”
!wakeup“Wake up, Pearl. Wake up!”
!walk“Walk away now and no one gets hurt.”
!warning“Thanks for the warning!”
!watch“Not on my watch!”
!wedgie“Okay, I have a wedgie.”
!whale“Go to Sea World if you wanna see a naked whale”
!whatsup“What’s up, bitch?”
!whore“You are a whore, darlin'”
!woe“Woe is me, woe oh woe is me.”
!wrinkle“You need a better wrinkle cream.”
!youdo“You doooo?”

The following commands are for chat moderators only!

!backseatingPlease let Leander play the game his way! If he need help/suggestions, he will ask the chat. Thank you!
!bittiesThank you so much for the bitties! itsleaHearts itsleaHearts itsleaHearts Bitties HYPE!!
!focusWhen Leander is in Focus Mode he is INTO the game and will read chat as soon as he remembers he’s streaming…
!giftsubThank you so much for gifting a sub to a viewer! Show some love in that chat to the gifter. <3 <3 <3 <3
!lurkersA big hello to the lurkers!! Thank you for watching. Leander is happy you’re here…
!primeDid you know that if you have Twitch Prime you can subscribe to one streamer once a month for FREE? Neat huh? 🙂
!raid[Raid message]
!resubhypeThank you so much for resubscribing and for the love and support! Everyone, fill the chat with hearts and emotes! <3 <3 <3
!rulesThis is a mature stream, meaning mature topics. Be warned if you’re under 18 years old. • LGTBQ++ friendly stream! • Any form of hate towards someone or a group of people is resulted in PERMANENT BAN. • Don’t selfpromote. • Please keep the CAPS moderate. • Respect the others in chat, and have a good time <3 • Look underneith the stream or ask a mod if anything is unclear.
!so (Twitch username)Go follow (user) here on Twitch and show them some love and support! (link)
!subhypeThank you so much for subscribing to my channel!! Spread the chat with lots of hearts! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
!tweetShow your support and spread the word! Retweet my announcement that I tweeted out, saying I am live! (link)
!vipVIP status is my way to show my gratitude to those who have continuously supported my streams and who are actively involved in my streams/chat and my little community. VIP badges aren’t permanent and needs to be earned. I am grateful to everyone who continues to support me and my stream.