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The Sims 4

Greasy Goods

Here’s another build I did in The Sims 4, using amazing custom content by Little Dica! This a fast food restaurant where your Sims can get their greasy food for comfort. This build requires the Dine Out game pack. Download this build from The Sims 4 Gallery. Make sure you have downloaded Little Dica’s Greasy Goods custom content pack!

Unfortunately, because I use custom content, I am unable to direct link to this build. But you can search the gallery through my EA ID, which is ‘itsleander’.

Here are some screenshots of the build.

Check out the speed build video!

The Sims 4

Winden Bar & Grill

Here’s another commercial lot I built in The Sims 4. This is Winden Bar & Grill. A bar/restaurant for all the meat loving Sims out there. Download this restaurant from The Sims 4 Gallery here, or browse the gallery by using my EA ID ‘itsleander’.

Here’s the speed build video!