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The Sims 4

Shell Challenge #5 submissions

Thanks for taking part of the fifth The Sims 4 shell challenge of mine! I had a lot of fun touring all the submitted houses on Twitch. You are all amazing!

Check out all the awesome people whose houses on The Sims 4 Gallery. Here are screenshots of all the houses I toured, along with everyone’s EA ID.

The Sims 4

Shell Challenge #4 Submissions

Thanks for participating and entering my fourth shell challenge, which is a Christmas challenge! I had so much fun touring them on stream today! All the houses looked amazing and festive! I will do another shell challenge again real soon!

Here are screenshots of the house that were submitted for shell challenge #4, as well as the gallery ID’s of each creator. Just hover over a screenshot and you will see their gallery ID. Be sure to check them out on The Sims 4 Gallery!