The weekend has been fantastic, but it’s hard to believe it’s almost over; it always goes by so darn quickly! Last Friday, after work, I had a team dinner with some of my colleagues. We headed to The Guru, an Indian restaurant located in the heart of Amsterdam. The food was absolutely delightful! I’m definitely planning on going back there sometime.

After dinner, we enjoyed some drinks and then headed to Club La. Thanks to Soraya, I was on the guestlist – much appreciated!

Saturday marked the arrival of my enormous plasma television. I can’t express how much I adore it. It’s about four times larger than my old one, making it feel like I have my personal home movie theater. It’s pure love!

I also got a fresh haircut today. It’s quite short, and my dad is quite handy with the clippers, which is a relief because my hair had grown quite long, and when it gets long, it gets all curly. I’m not a fan of that!

Right now, I’m at home, savoring the last few hours of my weekend. I’m enjoying my new television and just relaxing with a glass of Martini. I hope you had an enjoyable weekend too. Tomorrow, it’s back to work, but the good thing is that I start at 2 pm, so I can sleep in a bit!