These past few days have been incredibly hectic, so I apologize for not sharing anything on my website. But I’m here now. I had a day off today, which was a welcome break. My week has been quite chaotic due to shift swaps. Tomorrow, it’s back to my regular evening shift, and from Friday onwards, I’m diving into the night shift, three nights in a row, alongside Ellen. A colleague didn’t want to do the night shift, so I offered to swap, and the extra money will certainly come in handy!

There isn’t much else that’s new, to be honest. It’s all about work these days. Yesterday, things got really busy due to the incident at London Heathrow airport. Numerous flights were canceled because an unattended bag was discovered at London Heathrow’s terminal four, resulting in the evacuation of the entire terminal. It’s baffling, isn’t it? The idea of trying to blow up an airport terminal and harm hundreds of innocent people is beyond comprehension. It’s just so senseless.

Well, I’m going to continue my leisurely boredom. I love it! I hope you’re having a good week.