Joey Graceffa, a highly popular YouTuber whom I’ve been following for the past three years, unveiled the music video for his latest song, ‘Don’t Wait,’ yesterday, coinciding with his birthday (happy birthday, Joey!). This video offers a sneak peek into what’s to come in his upcoming book, titled ‘In Real Life – My Journey To a Pixelated World.’

Throughout his career, Joey has been candid about various aspects of his life, including his family and his mother. However, one topic that remained shrouded in speculation was his sexuality. While some believed they had figured it out, others adamantly denied it on his behalf. But all of that may have changed today.

In the ‘Don’t Wait’ music video, Joey shares a passionate kiss with another man, a surprising twist for many. Some may wonder, “What’s going on here?” But in my view, Joey doesn’t need to explicitly state his sexual orientation. The music video eloquently conveys the message, allowing viewers to interpret it as they see fit. It’s just a kiss, after all. If this is his way of “coming out,” I find it to be a brilliant and creative approach. He doesn’t feel compelled to label himself, and he shouldn’t have to. He’s Joey Graceffa, and this is his music video featuring a passionate kiss with a man. It’s as simple as that; let’s embrace it and move forward. And, yes, that kiss did look amazing, as a side note.

Regardless, I’m genuinely thrilled and excited for Joey. The future holds endless possibilities for him, and I’m confident he’ll achieve even greater and more incredible things. This moment must also be liberating in many ways, like shedding a heavy burden. Or perhaps it’s something he came to terms with a long time ago. Regardless, it’s his personal journey, and we, as viewers, should respect that. But my predominant emotion is one of happiness and excitement for him.

Congratulations, Joey! The music video is awesome, the song is catchy and inspiring, and I can’t wait to get my hands on your book! I will continue to watch your videos with joy, because you always put a smile on my face. You set yourself to be an example to many people to just be who you are. Authentic, honest, caring, funny… I could go on for hours, but I won’t.