Greetings, everyone! I trust you’re all having a splendid day. I’m hanging in there, and it’s hard to believe we’re already halfway through January. Time sure does fly.

I’ve got a little update for you regarding my Twitch streams. Starting this week, I’ll be shaking things up a bit by streaming on different days than what you might be accustomed to. Instead of my usual streaming schedule on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, I’ve spent some time contemplating this change, and I’ve decided to mix it up a bit. Moving forward, you can catch my streams every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 8pm CET. I made this announcement during my previous stream last week. It’s initially a temporary change, just to test the waters and see how it goes. However, I have a feeling I’ll stick with this new schedule. If there are any further adjustments, I’ll make sure to keep everyone in the loop. If you haven’t already followed me on Twitch, now’s your chance! I’m a blast to watch! Well, at least I think I am.

With my updated streaming schedule, I’ll have more dedicated time to focus on my YouTube channel. Over the past few months, I’ve been consistently uploading one video per week, and I’m committed to maintaining that schedule. If you’re interested in The Sims 4 speed builds and my random rants, don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel. I promise, I’m a lot of fun!

Now, onto other news. It feels like there’s been quite a lot happening in 2022, and sadly, some of it has been rather somber. Before the year even began, we lost the television and comedy icon, Betty White. More recently, we were hit with the unexpected passing of TV dad and comedian, Bob Saget. It’s a bit baffling, isn’t it? Bob Saget was most famous for his role as Danny Tanner in Full House, as well as the reboot, Fuller House, from a few years ago. I practically grew up watching Full House. Though the show originally aired in the US in 1987, it wasn’t until 1990 that it was broadcast here. I distinctly remember recording numerous episodes and watching them repeatedly. It was my go-to feel-good show. Full House depicted a family that faced life’s ups and downs, yet in the end, there was always a valuable lesson. It was the kind of family many of us wished we had—a family filled with love. And it was also quite funny, in a delightful, cheesy way! Bob Saget left us at the age of 65. A truly sorrowful loss.

So, who else out there grew up watching Full House?

We recently lost another actress, Jamie Auld, a few days ago. She may not be a widely recognized name, as her filmography consisted of just one documentary released in 2019. In that documentary, titled “Madonna & The Breakfast Club,” she portrayed a pre-famous Madonna. The film delves into Madonna’s life in New York City during the late ’70s and early ’80s, before her rise to stardom. I had the opportunity to watch the film, and I found it quite compelling. Jamie’s resemblance to a young Madonna was striking. However, it’s particularly saddening to note that she was still quite young, as she was only 26 years old.

Amid the unfortunate events that have unfolded in the new year, it’s crucial for everyone to prioritize self-care. Seize each day and express your love to those who matter in your life. These times are challenging for many, and everyone grapples with their unique struggles. I encourage you all to maintain a positive outlook and strive for prosperity. I’m sending the most positive vibes your way.

I’m genuinely thrilled about the upcoming weekend streams. Perhaps it will also draw some wonderful new people into the community; who knows? On Fridays and Saturdays, I’ll be streaming The Sims 4, focusing on creative builds. Sundays, designated as my variety day, could feature games like Genshin Impact or House Flipper, though I have a few unplayed titles in my library that I’m undecided about streaming.

Another idea I’m toying with is an actual The Sims 4 Let’s Play, but conducted during streams. I’m not completely certain yet. In the past, I initiated a Let’s Play on my YouTube channel, titled “The Fabulous Life of Leander.” It wasn’t tied to a specific challenge; rather, it involved creating a Simself with no starting funds and generating income through unconventional means, like painting or writing books. The ultimate objective was to develop an extensive family tree and engage with Simselves representing my viewers. It could be fun to reintroduce it on Twitch, but, as I mentioned, my certainty remains below 100%. I’ll give it further consideration in the meantime. I’ll also create a backup save file for the Let’s Play, just in case. We’ll see how it unfolds.

Alright, that’s enough rambling for now. Thanks for reading this post! I value your support, and I wish each of you a wonderful day, no matter where you are on this planet! Ta-ta for now!