Madonna’s iconic 1995 ballad, “You’ll See,” is now gracing digital streaming services with a lavish 7-track EP release. This meticulously curated EP not only features the classic rendition but also treats fans to specialized edits of the Spanish versions, as well as a live performance of “Live To Tell” captured during the electrifying Who’s That Girl Tour.

  • You’ll See 4:38
  • You’ll See (Spanglish Version) 4:19
  • You’ll See (Spanglish Version #2) 4:19
  • You’ll See (Spanish Version) 4:21
  • You’ll See (Edit) 4:16
  • You’ll See (Instrumental) 4:42
  • Live to Tell (Live) 8:14

“You’ll See” is a timeless ballad by the iconic Madonna, released in 1995. With its soulful and introspective lyrics, the song showcases Madonna’s powerful vocal delivery and emotional depth. “You’ll See” conveys a message of resilience and independence, making it a beloved anthem for those facing life’s challenges. It’s a testament to Madonna’s ability to connect with her audience on a profound and personal level, leaving a lasting impact with its heartfelt melodies and empowering lyrics.