So, after my Twitch livestream last night, I was like, “Hey, why not watch a spooky movie?” I know, a weird choice for the middle of the night, right? Anyway, I settled on checking out the 2022 horror flick “Smile.” I saw the trailer right when it dropped, and now, almost two years later, I’m finally diving into it. Better late than never, I guess! Here’s more non-spoiler review.

The review

So, Rose goes through this crazy and messed-up situation with a patient, and it turns her life into a horror show. She’s stuck in this bizarre reality, dealing with fear that’s taking over everything. To survive, she has to face some dark stuff from her past. Enter “Smile,” a cool new horror flick. It’s got a neat concept and pulls it off pretty well. It’s not flawless, but there’s a lot to like about it.

Smile: A Rollercoaster of Chills and Thrills

What’s cool about “Smile” is that it’s not just your typical scary story. Trauma is at the heart of it. Rose, the main character, is a therapist helping others deal with their baggage. Now, she’s the one grappling with her own issues, and it adds this extra layer of interest. Trauma pushes the story forward, making room for some intense moments.

The director is clearly gunning for a gripping tale. Right from the start, they lay out a chunk of the story without boring exposition – always a win for the audience. And visually, there’s a lot going on. The camera angles, colors, and the actors in the frame bring out a ton of horror vibes.

Smile: A Rollercoaster of Chills and Thrills
Smile: A Rollercoaster of Chills and Thrills

The film keeps you on your toes. It’s not just the jump scares that make it a horror flick. There’s this constant ticking clock for the main character, building up tension. And there’s this one moment in the theater that got me so bad, I remember it a week later. Some scenes mess with your head, making you jump by steering your attention in unexpected directions. It shows that they really thought about the story and the scares.

The film’s backstory is solid too. The explanation for what’s happening is a great idea for a horror film, and I was totally into it. The only bummer is they spill the beans pretty early, and then we spend a while catching up. It makes some scenes less scary because we know why things are going down. I think they could’ve kept us in the dark a bit longer, making the middle part less draggy. But hey, the ending is top-notch. No spoilers, but it messes with your emotions and how you see the whole story.

“Smile” is a breath of fresh air for horror fans. It’s got a cool concept, creative direction, solid acting, and those jump scares are on point. Yeah, the middle part drags a bit with the info dump, but the start and finish are killer. If you’re into horror, definitely check it out. But if you’re not big on horror or easily spooked, this one might be a bit much for you.

Hey, did you catch “Smile”? Curious to hear your thoughts on it! Drop a comment and spill the details — I wanna know!