Alright, so there’s this comedy called Quiz Lady, right? I watched it the other day and I recorded my reaction for my YouTube channel. The movie is about this bubbly, kinda clueless gal named Jenny who ropes her brainy sister into joining her on her favorite TV quiz show. The dynamic between them is hilarious because they’re total opposites. And let me tell you, the actors really bring the laughs, especially Sandra Oh with her wild antics.

Then there’s Annie, this regular office worker who’s obsessed with a quiz show called Can’t Stop the Quiz. She watches it religiously with her dog, Mr. Linguini. But things take a crazy turn when Annie’s mom goes missing from her nursing home due to some gambling debts. Cue the drama!

Quiz Lady
Quiz Lady

Jenny, who’s basically crashing at Annie’s place since she’s homeless, sees Annie’s quiz skills and decides to film her in secret. Next thing you know, Annie’s video goes viral, and it leads to a whole heap of trouble with some debt collector kidnapping her dog. Now, their only shot at getting Mr. Linguini back is by winning the very quiz Annie loves so much.

Sure, the storyline might seem like something out of a kids’ movie, but the cast really makes it work. Awkwafina brings her A-game, turning Annie into this lovable character you can’t help but root for. And Sandra Oh? She’s a riot, bringing the laughs with her slapstick humor.

Then there’s Will Ferrell as the quizmaster, which is just perfect casting. He’s always got that same sarcastic vibe, but hey, it works. And Jason Schwartzman? Dude’s hilarious as the overly enthusiastic contestant.

Sure, there are some heartfelt moments where the sisters realize they’re more alike than they thought, and they touch on some serious topics like stereotypes and racism. But overall, Quiz Lady is just a good ol’ fashioned comedy, with the actors taking center stage and making it shine.

Check out my reaction video!