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Happy new year!

It’s 2022, everyone! I wish you all an amazing new year. I hope you all had a great and safe New Year’s Eve! I for one had a total blast. I joined my good friend Aden, also known as Devon Bumpkin, on his New Year’s Eve live stream on Twitch. I drank a lot, I laughed a lot and watching back his VOD a little bit I was apparently quite loud. But I had fun and it was the best way to end 2021! So, thank you for having me, Aden!

Of course I paid the price the next day, dealing with a hangover, but it’s all good. I slept most of the first day of the year. My energy level was low and pretty much non-existing. Tell me, what did you all do on New Year’s Eve?

There was not so good news on the last day of the 2021. TV and comedy legend Betty White passed away at age 99, less than three weeks before her actual 100th birthday. What a loss. The Golden Girls was one of my favorite shows ever. I grew up watching that show. And ’til this day I still watch a random episode of the show every night when I have dinner. She was the last Golden Girl. So sad! I can only imagine her being welcomed into the after life with her former cast mates, eating cheesecake. Rest in peace, miss Betty White! You will be missed by many.

If one has no sense of humor, one is in trouble.

Betty White

Today it’s Sunday and the plan for today is to have a chill day. A new season of Queer Eye is on Netflix, so I may watch that later. There’s also a new show on Amazon Prime that I am eager to watch, it’s called Harlem. I also need to catch up on this week’s episode of And Just Like That. It will be a relaxing day of couch hanging and watching shows.

Again, I want to wish you all a happy 2022! May this year brings you lots of joy, happiness and exciting things. Thanks again to all for all the love and support you have giving me last year. As you know I am always super grateful. Happy new year and let’s kick some ass!


Two months alcohol free!

It’s been a while since I have blogged. I want to give a little update and tell you all that I have been alcohol free for two months now! Isn’t that amazing? I think so! I haven’t had a drop of alcohol at all. The first couple of weeks were quite hard, but I managed to pull through. And I mentioned before that this is just a detox. I have no intention to never ever have a drink again. I might have a drink again someday, but for now I am just trying to hold on to not drinking anymore. Because I used to drink every single night for the past couple of years. I used to drink the strong kind of beer whenever I was streaming live on Twitch, to kinda let loose. Not good at all! I am proud of myself for making it this far.

I do notice some changes physically. My skin feels smoother and healthier. I may have lost a teeny tiny bit of weight, although lately I have been eating a bit more junk than usual. But that’s okay. I do try to consume plenty of vegetables. But most importantly I feel good. And that’s all that matters, right?

So, what else is new? Well, I am still streaming three nights a week on Twitch. I am having such a blast! If you aren’t following me yet on Twitch, feel free to do so! And lately I have been more active on YouTube as well, recording speed builds in The Sims 4 and uploading it to my channel. I really hope to stick to it from now on, because I have been inactive on YouTube for quite some time in the past and I notice it with the amount of views I currently get, which have been dropped drastically. But that’s okay, I enjoy creating content. And when you enjoy something, the rest will come.

I can’t believe it is September already! This year sucks balls big time! For me and everyone else on this planet! Damn Covid-19! And some parts of the world who are dealing with lots of social injustice too and also bad leadership. We are living in dark times right now and I don’t know when all the crap and chaos will end. You know how some people say it’s ‘the end of the world’? It does feel like that sometimes, doesn’t it? Like the end of the world as we knew it! Sure, there’s been a lot of chaos in the world before, but this year it feels like it’s multiplied. It’s kinda frightening when you think about it. We are all kind of in the unknown right now, doesn’t it feel like that? We don’t know what’s to come and what’s going to happen next! The only thing we can do is to keep our heads up and take each day as it comes.

But, anyway! Moving on…

Since a few weeks ago I have been binge watching The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air on Netflix! I have seen a lot of episodes back in the day, but not all of them in order. So, I started to do so a few weeks ago and I am having a blast. So nostalgic! I am currently in the final season and I have a few episodes left to watch. That show makes me laugh out loud!

I am excited for next month, because the season 10 finale of The Walking Dead will be released, plus a new season of Fear The Walking Dead, and the new limited series The Walking Dead: World Beyond will start airing! I am stoked, because we have been waiting for the season 10 finale of The Walking Dead for months! And since season 6 of Fear The Walking Dead and The Walking Dead: World Beyond will air, I get to watch episodes weekly. Loves it!

I still have to watch the new season of Umbrella Academy, but for some reason I am not really feeling it. I may watch it eventually, but right now I am not in the mood for it. You know what sucks tho? Two shows on Netflix that I enjoyed watching are both canceled and won’t return for a second season! I Am Not Okay With This and The Society! It’s really annoying when the cancel a show after only one season, especially when there’s a cliffhanger! I have mentioned this many times and I’m gonna say it again. If you’re gonna cancel a show after only one season, please give them one more season to wrap up a story line, instead of leaving the viewers hanging. What do you think of that idea? I have seen so many shows on Netflix that are discontinued after one season and it sucks! The idea of renewing for one more season to wrap up things sounds like a great idea! It would make a lot people happy, I’m sure of it! But I guess ‘money’ is the issue, right? Ugh!

Anyway, enough ranting! I am gonna wrap it up here and get ready for bed. I wish everyone a great week! Take good care of yourself and enjoy the rest of your week!


Four weeks of no alcohol consumption

I did it! I managed to not drink any alcohol for a little over four weeks now! In one of my previous posts I mentioned that I stopped drinking alcohol and that I want to start my forties taking care of my mind and body. I can’t believe I made it this far! The first week or two I experienced some withdrawals. I got headaches quite often, which was weird. But other than that, I was able to pull through it. I also lost a teeny tiny bit of weight. Can’t really tell, but I do kinda notice it myself, which is a great thing too.

Another thing I forgot to mention before is when I stopped drinking alcohol, I also stopped drinking soda! I used to be a Coke Zero addict. I could easily drink one whole bottle in one day. I used to obsess over that sensation of taking that big first sip of the day of ice cold Coke Zero and let it go down your throat. It was literally heaven to me. I just can’t explain why that’s such a sensation for me. I’m weird.

So, instead of drinking soda, I just drink flavored water. Here in the Netherlands we call it ‘lemonade’, but I know it’s different in the USA or elsewhere. It’s basically a syrup that you pour a little bit of in a glass and you just add water to it. There’s also a powder version like that. Anyway, I just get a few bottles, sugar free, of different flavors like strawberry, raspberry or orange. And I have been drinking lots of it the past couple of weeks. Like, really a lot! It’s so refreshing, especially on a hot summer day. And I always drink it in a big jar. You might have seen that infamous jar if you watch my streams on Twitch!

I am not a fan of drinking water straight from the tap, it’s just not my thing, I don’t know why so don’t come for me. I guess in my mind I think tap water is not super duper clean. Anyway, I bought six big bottles of mineral water and when they are all empty I just keep it. Because what I do is I just boil tap water in my water cooker, let it cool off for a few hours and just refill the empty water bottles! Saves me money too. Brilliant isn’t it?

Ah, the saving money sure is nice. I usually spend €25 maximum on beer and soda a week! That’s like €100 a month! It would be so much better for me to just put that money aside and save it for a rainy day, which is something that I am still trying to work on, saving money. Right now I buy other stuff, mostly stuff that I don’t need. But still!

I am pretty proud of myself. I never thought I could manage to stick to it. No alcohol, no soda! I guess if you have your mind set to it and you got the willpower you can do it! I mentioned in one of my previous posts that it doesn’t mean that I won’t have an alcoholic drink anymore, ever. I may drink on special occasions or whatever. But with moderation. Maybe I’ll get a bottle of wine once a month to drink on a weekend or something. For when I want to have a chill evening watching a movie or a show on Netflix or Amazon Prime. Who knows? But for now I don’t really have the desire for it.

Before I stopped drinking alcohol I used to have a couple of strong (10% alcohol) cans of beer every single night for like a couple of years! I used to love feeling a buzz, really. And sometimes I would even go further than feeling just a buzz. I would have a can or two when I would stream on Twitch, to make me feel more relaxed. I would have a good buzz and I would just feel more talkative and happier in a way. Thinking back to that it is kind of ridiculous, isn’t it?

Right now, being off alcohol for a month, I feel like I have more energy, I sleep better, I lost a little bit of weight, my skin looks and feels a lot better… I just feel great!

If there’s anyone out there who is trying to quit alcohol, do it! Set your mind to it! Try and do it for a month. Have a little cleanse, it will do you good, believe me! You will feel so much better. Leave me a comment if you are struggling with stopping or if you are thinking about it. I would love to hear all about it!

Alright, that’s enough rambling about that for now. Going a little off topic…

I found these old selfies of mine somewhere on my hard drive and they are from somewhere in 2014, I believe. Boy, I was way obsessed with overlays and filters it looks like. And I love that I didn’t have a turkey neck back then. Oh well, have a great week, everyone!