It’s been a while since I last shared an update on my life, and I’m excited to tell you all that I’ve been alcohol-free for two whole months now. It’s a remarkable achievement, and I’m truly proud of myself. The initial weeks were challenging, but I persevered. I want to emphasize that this is more of a detox for me, and I’m not ruling out the possibility of enjoying a drink again in the future. However, for now, my focus is on maintaining my sobriety. I used to drink every night for the past couple of years, particularly the strong beer during my live Twitch streams, and I’ve realized that it wasn’t a healthy habit.

Physically, I’ve noticed some positive changes. My skin feels smoother and healthier, and I may have shed a bit of weight, although I’ve indulged in more junk food lately. But I’m balancing it with a good amount of vegetables. Most importantly, I feel great, and that’s what truly matters, right?

As for what’s new in my life, I’m still actively streaming on Twitch three nights a week, and it’s an absolute blast. If you haven’t followed me on Twitch yet, please feel free to do so. Additionally, I’ve become more engaged on YouTube, creating and uploading speed builds in The Sims 4 to my channel. I’m committed to being consistent with my YouTube content, as I’ve noticed a drop in views due to my past inactivity. Creating content is something I enjoy, and I believe that when you’re passionate about something, success naturally follows.

It’s hard to believe it’s already September. This year has been challenging for me and for people worldwide due to the ongoing impact of Covid-19, as well as social injustice and poor leadership in some parts of the world. These times can feel like the end of the world as we knew it, and the level of chaos seems to have escalated. It’s unsettling to be living in such uncertainty, but the only choice we have is to stay strong and take each day as it comes.

Anyway, moving on…

Recently, I’ve been indulging in a nostalgic binge-watch of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” on Netflix. While I’ve seen many episodes in the past, I’m now watching them in order and enjoying every moment. It’s a show that never fails to make me laugh out loud.

I’m looking forward to the upcoming month, with the release of the season 10 finale of “The Walking Dead,” a new season of “Fear The Walking Dead,” and the start of the new limited series “The Walking Dead: World Beyond.” The anticipation has been building for the season finale of “The Walking Dead,” and I’m excited to have weekly episodes of both “Fear The Walking Dead” and “The Walking Dead: World Beyond” to look forward to.

On another note, I still need to catch up on the new season of “The Umbrella Academy,” although I’m not quite in the mood for it at the moment. What’s disappointing is that two shows on Netflix I enjoyed, “I Am Not Okay With This” and “The Society,” have been canceled after just one season, leaving fans with unresolved cliffhangers. It’s frustrating when shows are discontinued prematurely. I’ve mentioned this before, but it would be a great idea to provide these shows with one more season to wrap up their storylines and give viewers some closure. It would undoubtedly make many people happy, but I understand that financial considerations often come into play.

Enough of my ranting for now. I’m going to wrap things up and prepare for bed. Wishing everyone a fantastic week ahead. Please take good care of yourselves and enjoy the rest of your week!