Well, as we all know, this year has been nothing short of challenging for me and countless others across the globe. However, with the year’s end fast approaching, I thought, why not indulge myself and treat myself for Christmas? After all, I’ve been a well-behaved individual and found myself on Santa’s nice list. Consequently, I received two fantastic gifts for Christmas – a brand-new Apple Watch SE and a PlayStation 4 Pro! It’s a resounding “YAY” for me, as these are two things I truly cherish and can derive immense enjoyment from.

I initially had my heart set on acquiring a PlayStation 5, but as fate would have it, they have become a rare sight, primarily due to irksome scalpers who employ bots to snap up PlayStations in bulk and resell them at exorbitant prices. After some contemplation, I made the conscious decision to shift my focus to the PS4 Pro. And that’s precisely what I did! I decided to pamper myself with this gift, and I couldn’t be happier with it!