I am at work now as I write this! I am glad that it is not that busy! It is starting to be more quiet in the evening hours! Very nice. The only disadvantage is that time goes rather slow. That can be a pain in the ass, if you ask me! I wanna go home! Well, I don’t have much to say! My folks went out last night in Rotterdam, to the casino. They didn’t bring home the jackpot! Too bad! Sometimes I dream about winning a couple of millions. That would be so great!

I hate being poor! There are always so many bills to pay! And I already have a job that pays quite good. I can’t imagine that if I would work for another company what my salary will be. Work is boring, but at least I get paid alright. Especially if I work evening shifts! I get paid more. I have almost swapped all my shifts for the following two months to evening shifts. That would definitely have an affect on my salary.

I also have to save money for my holiday to Los Angeles next month. And after I am back I will have my own place and I still have to put some money aside for that as well. I guess money does make the world go round! Maybe I should become a part time gigolo. Or let’s just say a part time whore. The whore of Babylon! Ha! No, I have my dignity.

Well I am counting the hours until I can go home. I am bored. Normally I can go on MSN through E-Messenger.net but they blocked the site! Damn! So I can’t go on MSN anymore at work. Bollocks. Oh well, I will go now and pretend to work.