I’m currently at work as I write this! Fortunately, it’s not too hectic right now, and the evening hours are gradually getting quieter. That’s quite nice. The only downside is that time seems to be passing rather slowly. It can be quite frustrating, in my opinion! I’m eager to head home. But, I don’t have much else to share!

My parents went out to the casino in Rotterdam last night, hoping to hit the jackpot. Unfortunately, luck wasn’t on their side this time. Sometimes, I daydream about winning a few million bucks. That would be amazing!

I dislike struggling financially. There always seem to be so many bills to pay! Even though I have a fairly well-paying job, I can’t help but wonder what my salary would be if I worked for a different company. Work can be dull, but at least the pay is decent, especially when I’m on evening shifts. I get a higher salary for those. I’ve almost switched all my shifts to evening ones for the next two months, which will definitely impact my earnings.

I also need to save money for my upcoming trip to Los Angeles next month. After I return, I’ll be moving into my own place, and I still need to set some money aside for that. Money truly does make the world go round, doesn’t it? Maybe I should consider becoming a part-time gigolo. Or let’s just say a part-time hustler. The “Hustler of Babylon”! Ha! No, I have my dignity.

So, I’m counting down the hours until I can finally head home. I’m rather bored. Normally, I’d access MSN through E-Messenger.net, but they’ve blocked the site. Darn! That means I can’t go on MSN during work anymore. Well, I suppose I’ll get back to pretending to work.