I am absolutely thrilled! One of my most beloved comedians, Kathy Griffin, has just announced her upcoming world tour, and the exciting news is that she’ll be gracing us with a one-night-only show in Amsterdam on November 13th! My dear friend Gisela, who is just as much of a Kathy fan as I am, reached out to me today, sharing the exhilarating revelation that Kathy will be touring in our region. It’s about time! This marks Kathy’s inaugural visit to The Netherlands and her very first show here, and I couldn’t be more overjoyed!

I perused her tour itinerary and observed that she’ll also be gracing Antwerp, Belgium with her presence, which isn’t too far away. As a result, my friend and I have enthusiastically decided to catch her performance in Antwerp on November 16th as well! Double the Kathy Griffin, double the laughter – November is shaping up to be a month teeming with amusement, and I’m eagerly counting down the days!

I’ve been a devoted fan of Kathy for well over a decade, having first been captivated by her reality show ‘My Life On The D-List.’ Since then, she has solidified her position as one of my all-time favorite comedians. This promises to be a highlight to look forward to!