On Thursday I went to see the Miranda Sings show in Amsterdam and it was a lot of fun! A couple months ago I finally decided to go get VIP tickets for her show, which includes a meet and greet, and it was the best decision I made this year! My social anxiety wasn’t pleasant to deal with, but I made it through and I had an awesome time!

I went to Amsterdam by train at around 2pm. I haven’t been to Amsterdam in a long time and it brought back memories of when I was working in Amsterdam, the long commute by train. I can’t believe I managed to stay sane to go to Amsterdam back and forth every day!

When I arrived at The RAI Theatre, there were already dozens of people standing in line. At first I felt kinda awkward, because I am all by myself, but there were many other people who were alone as well. That made me feel less akward. The doors opened at 5pm and everyone made their way inside. The meet and greet started at 5:30pm and lasted for about an hour I think. There were maybe around 100 people for the meet and greet, maybe more, I’m not sure.

During the meet and greet there was also a Q&A where she answered questions from the audience. They it was time for everyone to get their pictures taken with Miranda Sings, a.k.a. Colleen Ballinger. When it was my turn to get my picture taken with Miranda Sings I was so excited! I got two pictures with her and I almost started to cry when I said to her that her videos always make me smile on my saddest days. She hugged me and she’s just so lovely! Colleen is truly a kind hearted, fun and sweet person!

I also got my picture taken with Kory, her gay best friend, and actor Erik Stocklin from Haters Back Off, who joined Miranda on tour. He was also in the shows Stalker and Criminal Minds, just to name a view. Both were so kind and down to earth as well.

I got Colleen, Kory and Erik presents too. I bought this backpack that has ‘Amsterdam’ written on it, and I put some Dutch treats in there for them as well as a postcard with a little message from me. I really hope they liked it!

After the meet and greet we had to wait for like an hour and a half until the show started. People who had regular tickets slowly made their way inside and at 8pm the show started. It was so much fun! Colleen is so fantastic as Miranda Sings! It was hilarious! She interacted a lot with the audience. Some got invited to join her on stage as well. It was a great show!

The show ended at 9:30pm and after that I went back home! I am really glad that I went and I will definitely go again when she comes to Amsterdam! In the end my social anxiety didn’t got the best of me. I am glad I got through it! I also vlogged that day and you can check out that video below. But, yeah! It was fun! Thank you Colleen! You’re my all time favorite YouTuber! And thank you Kory and Erik!

I am already looking forward to the next tour! 🙂