On Thursday, I attended the Miranda Sings show in Amsterdam, and it was an absolute blast! A couple of months ago, I decided to splurge on VIP tickets for the show, which included a meet and greet, and it turned out to be the best decision I’ve made all year. Dealing with my social anxiety wasn’t easy, but I managed to push through and had an incredible time.

I hopped on a train to Amsterdam around 2 pm. It had been a while since I visited Amsterdam, and the journey brought back memories of when I used to work there, enduring the daily train commute. Looking back, I can’t believe I managed to keep my sanity during those daily back-and-forth trips to Amsterdam!

Upon arriving at The RAI Theatre, I noticed dozens of people already lining up. At first, I felt a tad awkward being there all by myself, but I soon realized that many others were solo attendees too. It made me feel less self-conscious. The doors opened at 5 pm, and everyone streamed inside. The meet and greet session kicked off at 5:30 pm and lasted for approximately an hour, as far as I can recall. There must have been around 100 people in the meet and greet, or maybe more, but I’m not entirely sure.

During the meet and greet, there was an engaging Q&A session where she fielded questions from the audience. After that, it was time for everyone to have their pictures taken with the one and only Miranda Sings, also known as Colleen Ballinger. When it came to my turn to take a photo with Miranda Sings, my excitement was off the charts! I ended up with two pictures alongside her, and I was almost moved to tears when I told her that her videos never failed to bring a smile to my face on my gloomiest days. In response, she gave me a warm hug, further proving that Colleen is truly a kind-hearted, fun, and sweet individual!

I also had the pleasure of getting pictures with Kory, Colleen’s fabulous gay best friend, and Erik Stocklin, the talented actor who starred in “Haters Back Off” and appeared in shows like “Stalker” and “Criminal Minds,” to name a few. Both Kory and Erik were just as kind and down-to-earth as Colleen herself.

As a token of my appreciation, I presented Colleen, Kory, and Erik with gifts. I bought a backpack with the word ‘Amsterdam’ on it and included some delightful Dutch treats along with a postcard featuring a personal message from me. I genuinely hope they enjoyed the gesture!

Following the meet and greet, we had to wait for about an hour and a half before the show began. Gradually, people with regular tickets made their way inside, and the show kicked off at 8 pm. It was an absolute blast! Colleen was absolutely fantastic as Miranda Sings, and her performance was side-splittingly funny. She engaged with the audience frequently, even inviting some lucky fans to join her on stage. It was an all-around great show!

The performance concluded at 9:30 pm, and after that, I headed back home. I’m really glad I went, and I’m looking forward to seeing Colleen again when she returns to Amsterdam! My social anxiety didn’t get the best of me, and I’m relieved I pushed through it. I also vlogged about that day, and you can check out the video below. All in all, it was a fantastic experience! Thank you, Colleen – you’re my all-time favorite YouTuber! And thank you to Kory and Erik as well!

I’m already eagerly anticipating the next tour! 🙂