The week of nightshifts seems to have flown by quickly! Tonight is the last night, and I just got back home. I should be tired, but I’m not feeling that sleepy. Work was enjoyable. We watched the movie ‘Something New,’ which is a delightful romantic comedy about a black woman who falls for her gardener, a white man. We didn’t finish it, but I borrowed it from Rosemarie. I need to make a copy for myself, and I’ll do that before going to sleep.

The rest of the nightshift was filled with some good old-fashioned karaoke. Rosemarie has her very own karaoke machine that you can plug into the television. It’s pretty cool! We sang the night away and had a blast, even though we didn’t have an audience. But who cares!

I really want to get a karaoke machine of my own. That would be awesome!