This week of nightshifts sure flies by fast! Tonight is the final night! I just got home and I actually need to sleep, but I’m not really that tired. Work was fun! We watched the movie ‘Something New’, which is a nice romantic comedy about a black girl who falls for her gardner, a white guy! We didn’t finish it though, but I got to borrow it from Rosemarie. I have to copy it for myself. I will do that before I go to sleep.

The rest of the nightshift we did some old fashion karaoke. Yes, Rosemarie has her own karaoke machine thingy that you plug to the television. It is so cool! We sang the night away. It was so much fun! She will bring it again tonight, so we are gonna kick some ass. For an audience we don’t have! But who cares!

I really wanna have that karaoke machine as well. That would be cool!