Yes, I am back home from my nearly two weeks vacation in Suriname! I arrived back home this morning! I had the best time there! I had a lot of fun with my family! I really miss them so much! It was good to see my grandmother again. My grandmother had a stroke and it was weird seeing her. She lost alot of weight. Half her body is parralized. She can’t walk at all anymore. She is in a wheel chair. Grandma was very surprised and happy when she saw me. She knew I was coming to Suriname, but she didn’t know when. It was a cry fast! Regardless of her situation she still could laugh like the best!

The weather was outrageously hot! I got an ugly tan! Hundreds of pictures has been made. I will add them to my photo album real soon! Had a lot of laughs with my cousins! So much fun we had. I will make a travel report as well, real soon!

I am off for another week. I have to go back to work next week on Friday! So not looking forward to it! Oh well, it’s back to reality! Just wanted to pop in and say that I am back home safe! Hope you are doing well! I’m a bit tired. And feeling down because I miss my family!