Well, well, I am home now for three days. Slowly trying to adjust on the materialistic life we are living in here in Holland. Let’s just face it. It is all about the material! So unlike the life in Suriname. I was thinking that most people here in Holland and maybe other countries in Europe are worrying and getting upset about the smallest things! While there is so much more to worry and think about. You know what I mean? In Suriname everything is just so relaxed! The country is somewhat poor, yet people there are still being happy! We can learn something from that! I am sure that after a couple of weeks I am back in the materialistic world we are living in.

I am still enjoying my days off! Don’t wanna think about work. I am in Tilburg right now. Yesterday I visited Francois, chilled out at his place, watched the movie ‘Saw’ which I hadn’t seen yet and drank glasses of wine! The movie ‘Saw’ was so disturbing. I would love to see part two! After that I met up with Gisela and Marthe and had dinner in the city. I will go back home tonight.

My left and right arm is totally fucked up! Because of the sunburn my skin is peeling off! It’s so disgusting! I keep rubbing my arms with a lot of lotion. Just to keep it moist. You know!

What else is new? I am slowly trying to keep myself up to date on all the Madonna mania that is happening at the moment! I so wanna see more shows of the tour. I already got my tickets for the first Amsterdam show on September 3rd. I did got my days off approved at the end of August. Just incase I am able to get tickets for Germany and Paris. You never know right!

Two nights ago I was kinda tipsy at home and I decided to give my cousin Melissa in Suriname a call. I so do not wanna see my next phonebill. It was good to chat with her for a little bit. Also said hi to my cousin Romario and little Rochivan. I miss them so damn much! My loving family!

Anyway, I have already put all my holiday pictures on my computer. I will upload them to the photo album as soon as I am home again. I think I have said enough for now. I am thinking about redesigning the site again, but I don’t know where to start! Hope I will come up with something smashing while I am still off from work. It’s a pain in the ass to redesign and create everything again. Too much work. Oh well. I hope you had a nice weekend. And I hope you will have a good week!