I had the most extensive sleep ever! I didn’t wake up until 3 pm this afternoon. I suppose I was utterly exhausted and decided it was time to go into something resembling a coma. As a result, my plans to visit my folks were naturally canceled. So, I’ve rescheduled my visit to my parents for this Friday, just a day before I have to return to work.

Right now, I’m at home, simply chilling with Madonna. I’m listening to some of her old classics and not really doing much else. The weather is splendid – the kind of weather that’s perfect for sitting out on the balcony. I might just do that later in the evening with a nice glass of wine. How does that sound? I absolutely adore it!

I’m still figuring out what to have for dinner. I think I might opt for ordering in once more. Don’t you love that convenience? Ordering the exact food you’re in the mood for. But what should I eat? Ribs have been on my mind. What do you think? Yeah, I believe I’ll go for the ribs. I’ve been working out like a maniac, so I figure I deserve a little treat.

I’ve also downloaded two movies starring Justin Timberlake – “Alpha Dog” and “Black Snake Moan.” I need to burn them onto DVD, so I might watch one of them later tonight. How fun! Just some quality alone time with my good old self. Do you love it?