I know, I know, I know! It has been a long fucking time since I have spoken! I am slowly adjusting the Dutch life again, since I am back from Suriname! No worries, I am getting there. I also started work again since last week! Nothing to excited to report about that! It’s quite busy at work.

What else is new. Yesterday I had a dentist appointment, which didn’t go well as I expected it would be. I got two cavaties! Doesn’t that suck! I even had to take some pictures! I wanted to get out of the dentist chair so bad, I didn’t care to ask why. So on May 16th I have to go back! So not looking forward to that.

I am off this weekend, which I am very pleased about! I need a break. Fuck it, I need a holiday again! Oh well. I am currently in the beginning fase of redesigning the site. I think it is time for something new, don’t you think. I will take my time with it. It will be hard since I have no patience whatsoever. I want it to be perfect too. Impatient and a perfectionist. That doesn’t really mash well together.

Hope you are doing well. I am doing good! So what’s new with you?