Today is Christmas Eve! I simply wanted to write a few lines to wish all of you who celebrate a Merry Christmas! This year has certainly flown by at an incredible pace. It feels like last year’s Christmas was only a week or two ago for me. Isn’t that just astonishing?

What are my plans for today? Well, not much, to be honest. I’ll be spending Christmas in the company of just me, myself, and I. I’ve prepared a delightful dinner for today and tomorrow. You see, I’ve been following my diet diligently. I’ve been practicing intermittent fasting for over five months now, and it’s been going well. I’ve noticed some positive changes both physically and mentally. My waist has trimmed down a bit, which is a fantastic feeling. I’ve even been able to fit into some of my old clothes again, and that’s a big plus!

However, since it’s Christmas, I’ve decided to take a little break from my diet. I think I’ve earned it. So, I’ve picked up some delicious pre-prepared dishes that I can pop in the oven and let them work their magic. I’ve got a pork and a turkey roulade, along with two types of potato gratin ready to be baked. To top it off, there are some pre-made haricots verts with bacon. Sounds delightful, right? Tonight will definitely be a feast! I’ve also grabbed some assorted snacks to nibble on after dinner, while I lounge on my couch like a well-fed whale, watching cheesy and romantic Christmas movies. Now, if that doesn’t sound like a perfect plan, I don’t know what does!

Oh, and I’ve also treated myself to two bottles of South African rosé! So, I might end up getting a little tipsy. It shouldn’t be too hard, considering I haven’t had any alcohol for months, ever since I started fasting. I can’t wait! Is it strange to be so excited about it? Well, I don’t really know.

But anyhow, I just wanted to share a few thoughts, as I’ve mentioned. I’m starting to sound a bit repetitive, aren’t I? I want to extend my warmest wishes for a Merry Christmas to all of you. No matter the current state of affairs on this planet, I genuinely hope that you all experience a joyful Christmas filled with laughter and delectable food! I’ll certainly raise a toast to each and every one of you as I indulge in my rosé.

Merry Christmas, everyone!