Today was a relaxed day at home, involving some light cleaning and dusting, as well as embracing a bit of laziness. I indulged in watching the first five episodes of season 2 of “Once Upon A Time,” and I must say, it’s turning out to be a really captivating show.

I initially had plans to do some vlogging today, or at least create a one-take vlog, but it didn’t come to fruition. On top of that, the camera’s battery was completely drained, which was a bummer. Nevertheless, it’s recharging now, so I’ll save the vlogging for tomorrow. It’s been a while since my last video!

So, this blog post is just a brief update on my day. I’m going to get back to watching more “Once Upon A Time.” By the way, the actor who portrays David Nolan/Prince Charming is such a charmer! Witnessing him shed a tear in many scenes only adds to his appeal! Just had to mention that.

Alright, I’ll sign off for now. Wishing everyone a fantastic Sunday!