I am back on the smoothie drinking routine again, everyone. Every day! I haven’t had a healthy and nutritious smoothie in a long time. Just blending some kale, spinach, strawberries, bananas, almond milk and some honey. It’s yummy! It looks disgusting, but it’s yummy.

I am also trying so hard to lay off the carbs. No rice, pasta, potatoes, sugar and bread, at least for a couple of weeks. I need to lose some kilograms! I’ve been growing a lot, sideways, and it’s not good. The double neck that I developed has to go too! And I can barely fit in my jeans and shirts.

But it’s so hard! A struggle!

So, I’m trying to go down the healthy road again. A couple years ago, I changed my diet and laid off the carbs for several weeks, and I roughly lost 10KG! So, I’m going to try it again and eat more fish, vegetables and more fruits and stuff. I already laid off the carbs for two days now.

But, as I’m writing this right now at almost 2am, I’m so freaking hungry right now! I am having a huge craving for fries!

But I’ve done it before, so I’m trying to focus on that. I gotta stay strong, people! Struggle or not, I can do it.

I also laid off drinking Diet Coke several weeks now. I mean, I still drink it, but occasionally. But not two bottles a day anymore, like I used to. I drink loads and loads of water now and I feel the change and difference in my body.

Please send me some strength, that I can do this. No matter how much I’m craving a big fat burger with fries right now. Le sigh, right? Le sigh!

To be honest I don’t care about the amount of weight I lost. It’s more the amount of inches I lose. No more struggle to put on pants or shirts. Because all my shirts are all a size medium. And they’re starting to feel like size small to me. Ugh! Anyway, let’s see where this goes.