Enjoying another relaxing day off! Didn’t do much, mainly because I’m broke. I ended up spending all my money on cigarettes today. Only three more days to go until I have some cash again, and I can’t wait for that!

Nothing significant has changed in my life recently. However, I stumbled upon something quite embarrassing today. I was emailing with Rosemarie, who was at work, and she asked me to send her the video clips. I was puzzled and asked, “What do you mean?” It turns out that last Friday, Gosia used my camera to film some footage of me and Rosemarie, completely intoxicated and stoned, at the train station in Amsterdam. I had completely forgotten about it! I watched the video, and it’s absolutely wild but amusing!

Apart from that little surprise, there’s not much else to report at the moment. I hope you had a great weekend; I certainly did!