I have been living like a poor guy for the last two weeks. I was so happy this morning when I found out that I got my pay check for this month! Money does make life easier doesn’t it? I already paid a lot of bills. Phone bill was 160 Euro’s! Quite alot. I also paid my healthcare insurance. And I still have some money to spare for this month. But I have to take it slowly. I am going to Los Angeles for one week next month.

That’s right! I just got off the phone with Northwest and I requested two tickets for me and Soraya! We will fly out on the 21st of March and return on the 28th of March. I am so excited! I can’t wait! It will be great. So you know, I have to save money for my trip. It is a good thing that we get paid again two days later while we are there. Always a plus.

Today I am off from work. And tomorrow as well. Tonight I am going to Amsterdam. Gonna have a couple of drinks with Soraya. I spoke with Martine this morning and she might join us as well, but she isn’t sure yet. We are gonna go for cocktails at The Arc in Amsterdam. Looking forward to that! But again, I have a budget.

This weekend I have to work. I have three night shift from Friday until Sunday! Thinking about the cash! It’s been a while since I have had night shift. So I am looking forward to it again. It will be nice! I have my night shift together with Melody. She’s fabulously funny!

Well, nothing else is new. I will be back soon! Hope you are doing okay!