Last night was an absolute blast! I headed to The Arc in Amsterdam with Soraya, and it was cocktail night! We indulged in some delicious drinks and finger foods. Mojitos were the order of the night, and I think we had around six each, although the exact count is a bit hazy. What I do remember is that we both got completely wasted, but it was a fantastic time. The bar closed at 1 am, so we decided to satisfy our late-night hunger at Febo. I was absolutely famished. After that, I hurried home because I had a train to catch.

Now, here comes the embarrassing part, for the second time. I ended up falling asleep on the train and woke up in Rotterdam! I was so frustrated with myself. I had to wait for an hour there for the next night train, and I was pretty annoyed. A headache was already creeping in, and I couldn’t wait to get home. I finally arrived around 4:30 am and crashed into bed, having a sound sleep. When I woke up, I felt extremely tired, but thankfully, it wasn’t a full-blown hangover—thank God for that.

I had plans to go out today and get some passport pictures, but I’ve decided to postpone that until tomorrow. I also need to renew my passport for an upcoming trip to the United States next month, which is probably going to cost me some more money, but oh well.

Right now, there’s not much more to add. I’m still a bit fatigued. Tomorrow evening, I have to work until 7 am the following morning. What a joy, right? Peace out!