Last night was so much fun! I went to The Arc in Amsterdam together with Soraya. It was cocktail night! We had some drinks and we ate some nice and delicious finger food. All we had to drink was Mojito. We had like 6 each? I don’t remember. All I remembered was that we were both totally wasted! It was nice though. I had a great time. The bar closed at 1am so after that we went to have some more food at Febo! I was starving. Then I just went home, because I had a train to catch!

Now something embarrassing happened for the second time. I fucking fell asleep in the train and I woke up in Rotterdam! I was so bummed! There I had to wait for an hour for the next nighttrain. I was so pissed. I already had a headache. I couldn’t wait to be home. I was home at about 4:30am. I went to sleep immediately. I had a nice sleep. When I woke up I felt so exhausted. Not really a hang over, thank God. I was supposed to go out today and got some passport pictures. I will do that tomorrow. Also I will need to get a new passport, for the United States next month. Probably gonna cost me money again! Oh well.

Nothing more to say at the moment. Still a bit tired! Tomorrow evening I have to work until 7am the next morning! What a joy! Peace out!