Lordy! I am giving out a buzz again from work. It is quiet again. Always nice. Last night I was so pissed off! I had to work until 11:30pm. But at the end of my shift, fifteen minutes before I got a call that lasted more than thirty minutes! I missed my train and I had to wait in the cold for half an hour! So I was home quite late! Totally annoyed I was. The guy who called wanted to book a flight from the United Kingdom to Auckland in New Zealand and he was just so slow! But I get half hour in return. I think I will use it for tomorrow, so I can start half hour later! That is at least a little bit comforting.

Tonight I work until 11pm. Nothing too exciting to report at the moment. I am still single and fabulous and looking for some meat to ride on! Good God! Why’s it so hard?

Anyway, I’m gonna go back to work. Counting the hours to my final break! I need a cigarette again!