Oh, how I wished I could be in Paris right now to catch Madonna’s Sticky & Sweet Tour for the second time. She performed last night and will do it again tonight at Stade de France. But alas, it’s just not feasible for me to attend a second show due to financial constraints. So, I’ll have to cherish the memory of the Amsterdam show. I also tried to find a sponsor who could arrange an all-expenses-paid trip for me. Did that sound greedy? Well, you never know unless you ask, right? I posted a message on Facebook and MSN seeking a sponsor, but no response. Oh well!

Next time, in two years when Madonna tours again, I’ll make sure to set some money aside. I’m determined to see my idol more than once. But does that sound too greedy? Come on, I’m a fan – I’ve been one for nearly my entire life. It’s something any true fan would desire. Anyway, it’s time to hit the hay now. I’ll try not to dwell on it and just enjoy my Sunday. I hope you’re having a fantastic day too.