Tonight, I’m meeting up with Svenlana in Rotterdam, and we’re planning to relax at an Irish Pub we used to frequent a couple of years ago. I’m looking forward to trying a Snake Bite, which is a cocktail with beer and other ingredients; I’ve heard great things about it. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it since I’m generally a fan of drinks with alcohol. It’s been a while since I visited Rotterdam’s city center, even though I live quite close to the city. What a shame.

Today is my day off from work, just a single day before I go back for two more days, and then it’s the weekend. Currently, I’m doing some laundry, and I also need to tackle the dishes that have been sitting in my sink for a few days – I know, it’s gotten pretty gross and quite revolting. So, I should muster the motivation to get up and take care of some household chores. But before that, I’m going to watch the second episode of Heroes.