I’m really exhausted at the moment, so I won’t keep you long. I just wrapped up watching the movie “Catch Me If You Can” with Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio. It’s a pretty amusing film! Sometimes, I wish I had that level of cleverness, you know? But then again, I’m not too keen on the idea of getting caught. Oh well, it’s an enjoyable movie.

Work today was incredibly monotonous, as per usual. Lately, I’ve been struggling to find motivation. It’s as if I just don’t care as much anymore. I can’t quite put my finger on it. Dealing with those irksome, demanding, and arrogant people on the phone really gets to me, and I genuinely dislike it. It’s quite surprising that I’ve managed to endure 8 months of this. Currently, I’m contemplating quitting when my contract concludes at the end of November. After that, I want to explore other possibilities. What exactly those are, I’m not sure yet. I’ll figure it out.

Anyway, I’m absolutely wiped out. It’s time for some well-deserved rest. I hope everyone is doing well. I’ll be back soon! Take care for now!