Where I work, a significant amount of money is allocated each year for the annual Christmas party for all employees. Just yesterday, they unveiled the theme and location for this year’s work Christmas party. The event is scheduled for December 12th and will take place at the Passengers Terminal in Amsterdam. The dress code for the occasion is ‘mystic black,’ which adds an extra layer of excitement to the event. What’s even more thrilling is that this year marks the 10th anniversary of our company, making it a truly mystical night.

I have a flexible shift that day, which is supposed to end at 7 pm. I hope it remains as scheduled or can be adjusted to an earlier time. Unfortunately, a later shift won’t work for me, as it would prevent me from attending the party. I feel for my colleagues who have to work that night. Be sure to check out the party poster advertisement, and don’t forget to click on it to see all the details up close. I’m eagerly looking forward to the celebration; it promises to be a fantastic and enjoyable evening.