Merry Christmas, everyone! Or whatever holiday you celebrate this year. For me, this was another Christmas spent with just me, myself, and I. On Christmas Eve, I relaxed, enjoyed some quiet time, watched shows, and had a lovely dinner. During my grocery shopping last Wednesday, I picked up some turkey filet for my Christmas Eve dinner and a marinated pork roulade for Christmas Day, oven-ready. I also air-fried some delicious French fries.

Normally, I stream on Fridays, but since it’s Christmas Day, I decided to cancel my stream and simply relax, taking some much-needed “me” time.

Usually, during the holidays, I find myself wallowing in my own misery, feeling alone and missing the presence of others. Society often pushes the idea that we should be surrounded by people, filled with joy and happiness. However, this year has been different. I’m not feeling as sad as I used to. While I do have moments of longing not to be alone, I’m handling these feelings better. It’s quite an improvement!

By the way, I’ve been absolutely obsessed with this show called ‘Younger’ and have been binge-watching it while lounging on my couch like a big potato. I’ve just started season 6 and I’m almost all caught up with the show. I highly recommend ‘Younger’ – it’s a fun and heartwarming series that I’m sure you’ll love. Plus, Nico Tortorella is in it, and he’s quite the babe! Oh my goodness, he’s drool-worthy!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I know this year has been tough for everyone, and even the holiday season may have felt different due to social distancing, lockdowns, and quarantine. But I hope you all made the best of it. We’re all navigating this chaos together, and let’s hope that next year will bring better days!

Here are a few selfies I took a couple of days ago – I was in a selfie mood. I even took the time to polish my nails! Fierce, right? Well, anyway, Merry Christmas! Sending you all lots of love and wishes for prosperity!