In November/December of last year, I made the decision to re-upload my old vlogs to my YouTube channel, marking them as ‘private’. For those who may not be aware, I used to be a daily vlogger in the past. I had over 900 videos spanning from 2010 to 2013. My main motivation for vlogging during that time was to document my life, dealing with depression and the numerous ups and downs I experienced. The reason behind my decision to re-upload them last year was that I had deleted all the original uploads just before I began rebranding my channel with the addition of The Sims 4 content and other material. This transition happened around 2016. I somewhat regret deleting those videos. I could have easily set them as ‘private’ or ‘unlisted,’ allowing me to re-publish them in the future while preserving their original upload dates. Well, that’s water under the bridge now!

So, yesterday, I made the choice to make all the vlogs I had uploaded and kept as ‘private’ public again. Initially, this didn’t go as planned. Once I switched them all from ‘private’ to ‘public’ at the same time, I realized it would reset the original upload date, and all 800+ videos would flood people’s subscription boxes. Nobody would appreciate having their subscriptions spammed by 600+ new uploads from me. I was quite stressed about this prospect and began searching for a solution. Fortunately, I managed to resolve it. I switched the status of the vlogs to ‘unlisted,’ avoiding the issue of overwhelming subscribers with video spam. Crisis averted!

While the videos remain ‘unlisted,’ I’ve created a public playlist on my channel where you can access all of them. I’ll be sharing the link to that playlist with you below. Keep in mind, these videos were all created between 2010 and 2013. I was a very different person during those years, grappling with various mental health challenges, depression, and sadness. Personally, I can no longer watch them in their entirety. Occasionally, I may watch a few seconds, but I quickly turn them off. I’ve evolved significantly since that time, and all the changes have been for the better.

Recently, I’ve been contemplating the idea of vlogging once in a while. It’s been some time since I last vlogged, but I always found it immensely enjoyable! There’s just one thing I would require, though – a new camera. While I could vlog using my iPhone, I believe having a new camera would be the better choice. It’s now on my list of desired items!