I’m currently at Sharon’s place, and it’s just past midnight, officially making it Friday. After work, I caught up with Sharon and one of her friends in Amsterdam. We had a delightful dinner at a Chinese restaurant, and I have to say, the food was absolutely delicious! I enjoyed it so much that I’m still feeling a bit peckish right now, even though I probably shouldn’t be. Haha, I’ve got a constant appetite but somehow manage to avoid gaining weight.

Today marked the last day of my training, and let me tell you, it was incredibly tedious. We delved into internet-related topics, and most of it felt like a review for me. Consequently, I found myself spending a good chunk of the time browsing the web.

As for tomorrow – well, it’s actually today since it’s already past midnight – I have the day off, which I desperately need. Want to hear a secret? I’m somewhat tipsy at the moment. Alcohol has a way of making me chatty! Blame it on the red wine. Haha! Don’t worry, though, I can still type coherently. I wouldn’t say I’m drunk, just pleasantly tipsy. I mean, I’m fully aware of what I’m typing right now, you guys! Ha!

On another note, a friend sent me some pictures of Madonna’s appearance on “Will and Grace.” I’ll try to share them when I’m back home. This weekend, I have evening shifts on both Saturday and Sunday, so that’s a plus. Blah! That’s about all I have to share at the moment.

Sharon is already in bed, engrossed in her Celebrity magazine. I’m going to wrap things up here and join her, although not for any hanky-panky. After all, she doesn’t possess the necessary equipment, so it’s a no-go for me. Haha! I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! I’ll be back soon. Bye, bye, bye!