A couple of days have passed, and here I am again, ready to share another exciting update from my thrilling life. I previously told you about how I celebrated Singles Day. Last Thursday, I ventured out into Amsterdam. Well, I was supposed to, but there were some slight changes to the plans.

It was Maya’s birthday, so after work, we headed to Three Sisters for a cozy birthday celebration. We had quite a few drinks, and I must say, I indulged more than usual. Five vodka lime drinks on an empty stomach got me feeling quite buzzed. The original plan was to continue the night at Sinners, an R&B club in Amsterdam. However, when we arrived, there was a long queue.

Even though Marianne had free tickets, they were valid only if you entered before 1 am. We got there at 1:30 am, so we’d have to pay €10 to get in. It was freezing cold outside, and my toes felt like they might fall off, so Soraya and I decided to skip it.

Instead, we opted for a quick bite at Burger King and then took the night train back home. I arrived home at 4:30 am and had to work again at 10 am. I was a zombie at work, but I somehow managed to power through.

Yesterday, we had a work party, one of our bi-monthly gatherings. It was lovely, with free food and drinks. The theme was somewhat Middle Eastern, and I enjoyed it a lot. Maybe a little too much. I got totally wasted, as did Rosemarie. We had loads of fun! After the party, we continued our revelry at Defile, the pub downstairs from work. More drinks followed, along with a joint. Rosemarie and I were totally baked, and I think I might have done or said a few embarrassing things here and there. But I honestly can’t recall much. It’s all quite blurry.

Now I’m off for three days, and I’m loving it. Sadly, I’m broke as hell, so I can’t do much. Oh well, that’s life. I don’t have much more to share at the moment. Wishing you a fantastic weekend!