The time is near. Valentine’s day is almost over! Thank God! I don’t get it! I mean no offence, but why is there Valentine’s day? There should be Singles day. I am so glad that today I had nothing to do with couples. Ugh, I can’t imagine how I would have acted around a couple today who are all sticky with each other and kissy kissy with each other! I am glad they stayed away from a person who is single. Again, no offence. It’s nice that there are couples showing their love for each other like it’s the freaking only day of the year to prove your love for each other. Rediculous! Anyway!

Luckily I could finish work one hour earlier. Martine, Soraya, Maya and I were having a drink at Defile, to celebrate Valentine’s day in our own fabulous way. The singles way! And how fun it was. It was hilarious! Especially Martine, she is totally out of control! But it’s fun. We don’t need to be with someone to be happy. We got each other. But on the other hand deep deep inside I wish I had someone. So it was actually Singles day today and a ‘I Wish I Had A Man’ day. But we are cool. We are single and we are fucking fabulous like a horny donkey at the circus. I am starting to sound like Martine. Ha! And not to mention we are drop dead gorgeous!

The reason why we are single is because we are too good for people. They don’t know how to handle us. Don’t you think so? I guess they are too selfish to be with us. And they are scared to be with us. Because we are feisty! And fucking hot! To all the single people, chin up! Oh well! Also horny is what we are. But you know, sex is something you can get anytime. I just wanna be with someone who I can do more with. You know the closeness, like a soulmate. Someone who will be there for you. Someone you have a great deal in common with. Do you have any idea what the fuck I am talking about? Where is that someone?

Anyway, I can go on for hours! Soraya, Martine and Maya! It was fun celebrating being single! Stay fabulous!