The time is almost up; Valentine’s Day is coming to a close. Thank goodness! No offense, but I just don’t get it – why does Valentine’s Day even exist? There should be a Singles’ Day. I’m so relieved that today I had nothing to do with couples. Ugh, I can’t even imagine how I’d have behaved around couples today, all lovey-dovey and kissy-kissy with each other. I’m glad they kept their distance from a single person. Again, no offense. It’s nice that couples show their love for each other, but acting like it’s the only day of the year to prove their love is just ridiculous. Anyway!

Fortunately, I managed to finish work an hour earlier. Martine, Soraya, Maya, and I went for a drink at Defile to celebrate Valentine’s Day in our own fabulous way – the singles’ way! It was so much fun and utterly hilarious. Martine, especially, was completely out of control, but in a fun way. We don’t need to be with someone to be happy; we’ve got each other. But deep down, I have to admit that I do wish I had someone. So it was essentially Singles’ Day today and a “I Wish I Had a Man” day. But we’re cool; we’re single and absolutely fabulous, like a spirited donkey at the circus. I’m starting to sound like Martine, ha! Not to mention, we’re drop-dead gorgeous!

The reason we’re single is that we’re just too good for most people. They don’t know how to handle us. Don’t you think so? I guess they can be a bit selfish and afraid to be with us because we’re fiery and incredibly attractive! To all the single folks out there, keep your spirits high! Well, we’re a little horny too, but you know, sex is something you can find anytime. I just want to be with someone with whom I can share more – that sense of closeness, like a soulmate. Someone who’ll be there for you and with whom you have a lot in common. Do you have any idea what I’m talking about? Where is that someone?

Anyway, I could go on for hours, but Soraya, Martine, and Maya – it was a blast celebrating being single! Stay fabulous!